October Staff Update

So much to share.  We expect to communicate more frequently as it is important that you know what is happening before the members!  Read on...

PAI Staff Meeting:  Sunday, November 2 at 2pm.  Evite coming... 

New Barre Video!                  New TRX Video!

  • Membership:  More than 700 new members!  Many have already completed their Groupon classes and have become monthly members.
  • Gahanna Expiration:  Because many purchased the Groupon in anticipation of the Gahanna opening, we will extend the expiration for those that want to use it in Gahanna from November 15 until 3 months after the opening.  We will soon be notifying all Groupon members of this change and they will certainly be happy!
  • Dublin Expiration:  While many are awaiting the opening of Gahanna, we should still expect busy classes between now and November 15, the expiration for using the Groupon in Dublin. 


  • Chan says that teaching at a studio is much easier than building a studio!
  • All walls are now built.  Windows and doors have been installed, security wiring is complete, as is plumbing and electrical.  The heat was connected last week.  The yoga studio heats up fast!
  • Rumor has it that we have two showers... No water yet, but two showers.
  • It's no rumor that the sign is on the outside of the building!  Looks awesome at night!
  • With all that said, we still have lots to do.  We needed to hire a structural engineer to determine how to hang the TRX equipment and a civil enigneer to help us install the doors leading from the TRX room to outside.  Equipment needs to be purchased and delivered, walls painted, flooring installed, spin bikes delivered...
  • We expect to have our 4th anniversary party in Gahanna on November 30 with classes starting before that.  Tell members who ask that mid to late November is our scheduled opening.  Cross fingers and send good karma wishes our way... 

Studio Stuff
  • Cleanliness:  PLEASE help us keep the studios clean.  While Kara, Sam and Alex do a great job, if one of your sweaty students leans against a mirror, wipe it down; if someone spills some water, please soak it up.  If bathrooms seems dirty, a light bulb needs to be replaced or something else is broken, text Kara.  Please don't wait.  We want to hear about this from you not members.
  • Holiday Schedule:  Except for Christmas day, we are open.  Check special and regular classes on Mind Body.  Find subs early if you will be out of town.
  • TRX:  We are working with Emily to determine which straps needs to be replaced.  Stay tuned...
  • Yoga:  New yoga mats coming (for TRX also).  Many are in bad shape and the good ones seemed to have 'disappeared'.  Jessica is looking into different options as well as getting them bright and PAI branded to reduce the likelihood of "disappearances'. 
  • Barre:  We know about the loose barre - working with the manufacturer for a better solution.
  • Spinning Room:  We are evaluating the costs of making the spinning room dark to be able to take advantage of black lighting.  Expensive but we will see if we can make this happen in the next few months.  No promises.  Don't share with members yet.
  • Shoes:  As wet weather season approaches, please help promote the policy of not permitting outdoor shoes on the fitness floors OR cubbies.  Thanks!

Tech Talk
  • New Website:  Great feedback.  Members seem to love it.  However, we still have some kinks.  If you or members have questions or suggestions to make it better, email mike@PAIyogafitness.com.  
  • Thermostats:  Will soon be changed to 'heat' mode.  Ugh.  Summer is officially over.  If temp seems off, email or text Mike (708-205-4314).

  • StudioThink:  We have partnered with a marketing/PR company out of Cleveland to help promote PAI and to spread the word about the benefits of fitness.  Although there will be some attention focused on the Gahanna opening, our marketing efforts are for both Dublin and Gahanna.
  • DSW:  In our efforts to promote PAI, we will be participating in a wellness event at the DSW headquarters.  Anyone interested in helping on Friday, October 24 should contact Jessica (614-570-7200).
  • PAI Corporate:  We have been asked by Roxane Laboratories to return for a 6-week yoga session which Anne Wilson will lead.  Let your studnrts know that we offer this type of program and if their company is interested, they should contact Chan.
  • Videos:  Click on the links above - they are awesome. Special thanks to John Beattie!  These will soon be on our new website and our YouTube Channel.  Spinning and yoga videos coming soon...
  • Old Members:  In our efforts to have them return, non-active members receive two emails with the following offers:
    • Not having been to PAI in 3 weeks:  We offer 20% of an entire order of retail (not classes) order.  They will likely bring in an email but this is not required.  Promo code:  missu20.
    • Not having been to API in 3 months:  We are offering 20% a class pass (which they can do online or in person).  Promo code:  missu20pass.  
    • There is a promo code cheat sheet at the front desk.

Staff - She's Back...!
  • Erin - after a brief PAI sabbatical, we are excited to have Erin Shipley return to PAI, at least for the quarter.  We know her fans are excited - immediately Erin is getting well over 20 students for each of her classes!
  • Nicole - Though busy selling juices, newly married Nicole Salvo has agreed to a cameo appearance and continue leading her holiday Detox Workshop on November 28 - hopefully in Gahanna!  Members should not wait.  This will fill up fast once promoted.
  • Kristen - Technically she's not back but Kristen Jones has been leading brainstorming sessions with PAI fitness instructors and has already provided valuable input.  We are so happy to continue to have her enthusiasm, knowledge and fitness passion to help make our team even stronger.
  • Leslie - A warm welcome to Leslie Yoakam, PAI's newest spinning instructor.


The past few workshops have been very well attended.  Please let Kara know which workshops you'd like to lead (and in which location) next year. 

  •  Intro to TRX:  10/26 with Emily
  •  Partnering for a Healthy Pregnancy: 11/8 with Carrie
  •  Meditation 101/102:  11/23 and 12/7 with Cicek
  •  Barre Basics:  12/14 with Rachel
  •  Barre Immediate:  12/14 with Rachel
  •  IRest Yoga Nidra for the Holidays:  12/20 with Laura

And finally, the Women’s Winter Wonderland and Wellness Retreat with Kara and Elizabeth is 1/30-2/1

Ommm... S'mores 

Special thanks to Kara and 65 members of the community that helped raise $280 for Feed My Starving Children - that will cover 1,216 meals!

We are so fortunate to have such a great team and community.  We do our best yet we know we can always improve, PLEASE let us know your suggestions and thoughts.  We are always open to new ideas.

Chan & Mike
(614) 397-8230 (phone or text)

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