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TRX Total Conditioning

This class is taught by:

Charles Gibson

Charles is a certified TRX instructor orginally from Cleveland. Charles has always been an ambitious and motivated young man. To hone his respect for discipline and channel his strength he joined the U.S. Marine Corps (Reserve). It was here he found his zeal for fitness. His journey began with teaching group classes such as Body Pump, Spinning, Kickboxing and Boot Camp. He then attended different seminars and workshops and achieved his certification as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor. His desire to learn increased which directed him towards yoga. Yoga gave him a better mind, a stronger body and a spiritual connection within his tools of fitness. These teaching techniques has increased his love and passion for what he does that it has allowed him to teach more intimately with smaller group and or one on one sessions. As his studies have continued, Thai yoga massage has been added to his training sessions to complete his ultimate package.

Lauren Dow

Lauren Dow is a certified TRX instructor and has been teaching classes since February 2011. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Columbus after graduating from Miami University in 2009 with a Marketing degree. Lauren has a passion for fitness, and being active has always been an important part of her life. She started dancing at a young age and was part of a competitive dance company. She now enjoys various types of exercise, including running, spinning, yoga, and of course TRX! After taking her first TRX class at PAI, she fell in love with the challenging workouts. She quickly realized that she wanted to take TRX training to the next level and become a certified trainer to share her passion for fitness and inspire others to improve their physical health and confidence. Lauren enjoys challenging herself to try new things and has completed multiple races, including marathons and triathlons. She loves being part of the PAI team and hopes that her fast-paced classes motivate and challenge you to reach your fitness goals!

Courtney Simmons

Courtney Simmons is a certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor and Pilates Teacher. When she was introduced to TRX, she became instantly addicted. TRX is a powerful tool that engages every muscle group, all while building a strong core. Courtney continues to see improvement in strength and body toning through various high and low intense TRX workouts.
She has always had a passion for health and fitness. Her more recent interest has been in nutrition and organic gardening. Courtney’s goals are to keep her students challenged and encouraged at all times. Her classes are high energy and goal driven. Outburst of singing is always encouraged! If you are ready to take your workout to the next level, meet Courtney in the gym!

Emily Olsen

Emily Olsen has been a certified Group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 13 years. She teaches every class under the sun, from Boot Camp to yoga. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and tries to make each class she teaches fun yet challenging for all levels of fitness participants.
When you attend one of Emily's classes, you will find you are always given modifications to progress the exercises up or down to fit your needs. In her spare time Emily fosters homeless dogs. She sews and sells pet collars and donates the proceeds to local animal rescues.

Lara Nowak

Lara Nowak is a certified Spinning instructor and fitness enthusiast. Her love for fitness began around age seven when she discovered gymnastics. Lara spent most of her childhood upside down, in motion, hanging from something, or contorted! Later, in her teen and adult years, she became a “gym rat,” often choosing weight training or taking exercise classes over other outlets. She’s intermittently a runner and also practices taekwondo. Lara decided to move from participant to instructor in order to be a motivator for others, like so many were for her.Fitness also helped Lara overcome a large weight gain. With perseverance, hard work, and inspirational instructors, she lost more than 60 pounds! Lara knows what it’s like to have one’s true self buried under excess weight. Because of this experience, sheis inspired to help others get into shape and feel great about themselves. Lara is excited be a part of your journey—wherever you may start and wherever you want to go.

Kate Ball

Kate Ball is a certified Personal Trainer and holds multiple certifications in SPIN, TRX and has an expansive knowledge within the healthcare and fitness fields. In addition to her professional work in the fitness industry, she is also a competitive figure athlete.
Kate has always been extremely passionate about helping others succeed in many facets of life, and has a direct focus on improving clients overall health and fitness, which overflows into a teaching style that is not only dynamic and engaging, but based on results !
Kate plays music that really gets you energized and working hard! One of her favorite things about teaching/training is seeing people achieving their goals and taking their fitness to the next level! When not teaching, Kate can often be found training, doing nutritional counseling, and participating in PAI's Yoga classes ! 
Bring your water, your towel and your smile, and let's get this done !

Lisa Hummel

Lisa Hummel is a certified spinning instructor. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Lisa holds an MBA in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources from the University of Findlay and works full-time as a bank manager. Her passion for spinning started in 2007, when she found she needed a new, upbeat, challenging activity—spinning was the perfect fit!
Lisa has always led an active lifestyle. In high school, she was a majorette and cheerleader, and then in college she co-founded the University of Findlay Dance Team. In 2011, Lisa decided to take her spinning to the next level and began teaching, hoping to inspire the same passion for fitness in others. Lisa enjoys fast paced music with energizing intervals. One of her favorite parts about teaching spinning is coordinating the class with amazing music. When not teaching, Lisa can be found participating in PAI’s TRX and yoga classes. Bring a towel and lots of water to get your “glow” on in one of Lisa’s spinning classes!

Ulrike Rosser

Ulrike is a certified TRX instructor who began her TRX experience at PAI. As a bonafide “exercise nut,” she has had experience participating in many forms of fitness, from pilates, running, softball, yoga, and more. As part of her graduate studies in theatre, she became fascinated with movement, and assisted in teaching yoga classes designed for performers. She continues to be fascinated with all forms of movement, and enjoys watching TRX stdents learn to use their bodies (and mind) in new and challenging ways.
In her spare time, she is mom of a ballerina, a dedicated OCR enthusiast, and practices yoga, hiking, mountain biking, and crossfit for as many hours of the day as she can.

Richard Green

Richard Green has recently received his TRX certification in 2014. After bouncing around from gym to gym and studio to studio, he became a proud client of PAI in 2011. He was hooked after the very first class! Ever since then, it is a rarity that he is away from the studio more than a couple days a week. He is always pushing to better himself, and wants the same for his students.
Rich's energy level is highly contagious. He was inspired to become a certified TRX trainer to share his passion to help others feel their best, do their best, and reach their health and fitness goals
Rich is a music and sports fanatic! He is all for anything Buckeye. Sundays during football season, you can bet that he is decked out in Bengal attire.

Elizabeth Katsares

Elizabeth Katsares is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, Spinning certified instructor and is TRX trained. She has taught group fitness in the Central Ohio area since 1998 and holds a degree in Sport and Fitness Management.
Elizabeth's first experience with group fitness after a childhood of staying active with sports was Jazzercise. A friend convinced her to try a free class and, from that point, she went on to become a certified Jazzercise instructor and even owned a studio after graduating college.
Elizabeth now enjoys HIIT and Tabata training, as well as weight lifting to maintain a strong body which she needs to keep up with a fit husband and 3 active children.

Tiffany Fleeman

Tiffany is a certified Spinning instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics. She is also currently studying for the ACSM personal training certification. She holds a BA in Strategic Communications/Marketing from Ohio State, and while she works in marketing full-time, her true passion is fitness.

She discovered her passion just after she gave birth to her daughter. When she thought about how she wanted to raise her; as a strong, confident and dedicated female who respects herself and her health, she realized she would need to lead by example. With her daughter as her inspiration, she began a training program and she has never looked back. Over the years it has become her mission to spread her knowledge and love of heath fitness to others and help them find their inner strength and confidence through a healthy, active lifestyle. She firmly believes, "if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."

Now, at three years old, Tiffany’s daughter proudly does squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups right alongside her.

Erika Husney

Erika Husney is a certified TRX instructor who fell in love with the workout after her first class at PAI. As a former competitive gymnast and current marathon runner, she found TRX to be a great balance of resistance training and cardio. Erika has coached gymnastics in the past, and now volunteers for Girls on the Run Franklin County; a program dedicated to inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident through a fun curriculum that integrates exercise and running. She is excited to continue sharing her passion with others through TRX training.

Graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Marketing and Communications, she now works full-time in Human Resources. Her interests have always included fitness, wellness and nutrition, which led her to pursue additional education in Holistic Health Coaching. Erika’s dream is to share her knowledge of fitness and holistic nutrition with her future clients to contribute to a world of happy, healthy lifestyles.

“The body achieves what the mind believes."

Quincy Williams

Quincy Williams a former athlete, National Physique Competitor (NPC), certified personal trainer (ACE & NASM) and certified TRX instructor. With over 10 years in the fitness industry Quincy has trained and helped a large demographic ranging from young athletes, to senior citizens reach their health and fitness goals.
It was in late 2008 when Quincy was first introduced to TRX. He was able to correct a few imbalances he had as a result of sport specific movement patterns and barbell/dumbbell training and has been a believer ever since. Quincy now applies this modality to all of his clients and believes once your mind is in unison with the body, that's when true functional fitness is the most affective. He's also helped groom and coach other TRX inthusiast and loves teaching large groups about the diversity of TRX. Whether your goal is strength, weight loss, balance, power, coordination, or just a good old fashion butt kicking workout, Quincy delivers just that evoking fun, energy, and passion during each class.

Heather Sotak

Heather is a certified TRX instructor. First learning TRX through PAI and loving the variety and modifications TRX has to offer. Heather has always been interested in health and overall well being. Always looking for new ways to stay active and grew up playing sports. Heather believes that staying active shouldn’t be a form of punishment but a way to make your body and mind stronger/better. Heather grew up in the Columbus area, graduated from Ohio University with a bachelors of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Currently works at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Use Heather's classes as chance to challenge yourself and unplug from the stress of the day/week.

Laura Mastella

Laura is a graduate of the Ohio State University, with a degree in industrial design. She worked as a commercial interior designer in the Columbus community until getting married and having two children, who are now teenagers.
Avid runner, Laura has completed 5 marathons (including Boston 2 times) and many other races. Training for all these races is what led her to cross training. Laura earned her Trx and mad dogg spinning certifications and has been a trainer for both for the last two years. What she loves about TRX, is that you can take it with you anywhere (just like running), so there is no excuse not to workout, even when traveling, which Laura also has a passion for.
Laura is currently working on earning her personal training license through Afaa.
Be prepared for anything in this dynamic TRX class that will strengthen, build and define muscle while burning fat. You can always count on a total- body approach, some metabolic conditioning, and ability to modify exercises. Besides that, anything goes: circuits, stations, ground drills, balance and flexibility training, and more. What are you waiting for? Get out of your comfort zone! All levels are welcome and modifications will be given to suit all needs.

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