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This class is taught by:

Emily Olsen

Emily Olsen has been a certified Group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 13 years. She teaches every class under the sun, from Boot Camp to yoga. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and tries to make each class she teaches fun yet challenging for all levels of fitness participants.
When you attend one of Emily's classes, you will find you are always given modifications to progress the exercises up or down to fit your needs. In her spare time Emily fosters homeless dogs. She sews and sells pet collars and donates the proceeds to local animal rescues.

Bethany West

Bethany began teaching group exercise classes and became certified with AFAA back in 1998 while living in Chicago. At the time she was pursuing a career in advertising and public relations but grew to discover that her passion for exercise could be taken to another level by motivating and encouraging others. She became a certified Spinning Instructor through Johnny G/ Mad Dogg Athletics and has been teaching for over 13 years. Also, a level 2 certified TRX instructor, Bethany teaches Spinning/TRX classes which has become one of her favorite workouts. “It’s a perfect combination of high intensity cardio, challenging core and strength training bundled into one fast placed class.”
Aside from teaching at PAI, Bethany is the proud mom of four children. “I try to lead by example for my kids. I want them to grow to understand how much exercise improves your quality of life physically and mentally."
Bethany is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

Lisa Hummel

Lisa Hummel is a certified spinning instructor. Originally from Findlay, Ohio, Lisa holds an MBA in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources from the University of Findlay and works full-time as a bank manager. Her passion for spinning started in 2007, when she found she needed a new, upbeat, challenging activity—spinning was the perfect fit!
Lisa has always led an active lifestyle. In high school, she was a majorette and cheerleader, and then in college she co-founded the University of Findlay Dance Team. In 2011, Lisa decided to take her spinning to the next level and began teaching, hoping to inspire the same passion for fitness in others. Lisa enjoys fast paced music with energizing intervals. One of her favorite parts about teaching spinning is coordinating the class with amazing music. When not teaching, Lisa can be found participating in PAI’s TRX and yoga classes. Bring a towel and lots of water to get your “glow” on in one of Lisa’s spinning classes!

Shaylyn Webster

Shaylyn Webster is certified in both spinning and TRX. She is a registered nurse on labor and delivery at The Ohio State University who is also hoping to pursue her master’s education in the near future. She loves using exercise as her outlet for stress relief and for her mental clarity. Her passion for spinning began during her undergraduate years at Otterbein University. While a student, she ran cross country and track for the University, and understands the importance that cross training has for athletes of all types. Because of this, Shaylyn’s classes are fun, upbeat, energetic, and always unique. She creates her own playlists and choreography, and tries to make each class challenging while still being enjoyable. She knows that an exciting atmosphere is one that will help to keep clients on track with their health and fitness goals.
She encourages those who come to her class to put their cell phones away, zone out, and disconnect from the outside world for the short 60 minutes that they are there. By doing so, students are able to really give that time back to their bodies.
Shaylyn enjoys music of all types, and always tries to mix things up in her class. This variety appeals to all tastes! From top 40’s hits, to hard core rock, Shaylyn’s playlists will keep everyone engaged and motivated to keep moving! Come sweat it out with Shaylyn. Keep an eye on the schedule though, as she only makes random sub “cameo” appearances!

Leslie Yoakam

Leslie pursued athletics growing up and continued her athletic career during her time at Clemson University as a competitive gymnast and varsity cheerleader. After college, Leslie placed third in the National Reebok Aerobic Competition in 1990 and was featured on the cover of Shape Magazine in 1992.

After having children Leslie began to feel the need of balance in her life after years of high intensity workouts. She was certified to teach spinning through Mad Dog Certification and started her yoga journey. She began studying under Bryan Kest and attended national and international teacher trainings.


Leslie has learned through her training with Bryan Kest that a Harvard Study found that 90% of our thoughts are the same day to day and yoga is a great way to change the patterns of our thinking, there is nothing better than a quiet and serene mind. Leslie loves spinning because it is a high intensity and low impact workout. She has found that teaching spinning can bring out the cheerleader in herself with high energy and fun music.

Tiffany Fleeman

Tiffany is a certified Spinning instructor through Mad Dogg Athletics. She is also currently studying for the ACSM personal training certification. She holds a BA in Strategic Communications/Marketing from Ohio State, and while she works in marketing full-time, her true passion is fitness.

She discovered her passion just after she gave birth to her daughter. When she thought about how she wanted to raise her; as a strong, confident and dedicated female who respects herself and her health, she realized she would need to lead by example. With her daughter as her inspiration, she began a training program and she has never looked back. Over the years it has become her mission to spread her knowledge and love of heath fitness to others and help them find their inner strength and confidence through a healthy, active lifestyle. She firmly believes, "if you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done."

Now, at three years old, Tiffany’s daughter proudly does squats, lunges, push-ups and sit-ups right alongside her.

Kelly Rauch

Kelly has been involved in athletics her entire life. Growing up, she participated in dance, volleyball, basketball and golf. She continued her golf career in college, and had the opportunity to play at the NCAA Div. III National Championship three times. After college, Kelly started looking for more ways to stay fit. She started running 5k’s, began practicing yoga, and eventually decided to compete in her first triathlon. That is where her love for Spinning began.
Kelly is certified in Spinning through Mad Dogg Athletics. She believes that anyone at any fitness level can enjoy and really benefit from Spinning classes. Her favorite quote is, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”
Kelly has her degree in Public Relations/Communications from Otterbein University and currently owns her own marketing company, Local Anywhere. Kelly also participates in yoga and strength training and is passionate about animals, veggie foods, and balancing a healthy lifestyle.

Erica Backhurst

Erica became a certified spin instructor in June 2015.  Erica was a high school and college athlete participating in women's tennis and lacrosse.  After graduation, she continued to play tennis and lacrosse in adult leagues and picked up running where she complete two half marathons and various 5K and 10K races.  Erica became a member of PAI in December 2014 after her husband encouraged her to try new athletic avenues. She became hooked on all four areas offered at PAI but really fell in love with Spin.  She decided to take her love one step further and become certified to teach Spin so she could spread her passion to other members. 
Erica is currently an intervention specialist for Delaware City Schools and teaches English to students grades 9-12.  She also coached high school girls tennis and lacrosse for three years.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Education form Capital University in May 2009 and a Masters of Education from Indiana Wesleyan University in December 2013.

Michele Klem

Originally born in California and raised in England as a military child; Michele has been involved in fitness her entire life spanning everything from dance as a little girl to wakesurfing to running half marathons and balancing it all out with yoga classes. “Anything that is fun, peaks my interest, and keeps me active is a passion of mine.” She was introduced to spin in college, but really feel in love with it during her first year of riding in Pelotonia. A couple years later Michele became a Madd Dogg certified spinning instructor in October 2015 and returned to my favorite yoga studio to teach. She is excited to share her passion for spin and help people grow their fitness goals through the amazing cardio and strength benefits that spin offers.


Michele is currently a commercial real estate evaluator for Huntington Bank. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Hearing, Speech, Language from Ohio University in 2006. When she is not working she enjoys simple nights of hosting food and game nights with her friends. She also loves traveling with her husband where they experience new scuba dives on each trip. “It’s so beautiful to be able to experience the calmness and wonders of the ocean that is not visible from the shore.”

Lisa Berger

Over 6 years ago, Lisa was invited to take a spinning class to support a dear friend who recently had become a spin instructor. For the next 3 years, she regularly took classes which led to getting involved in group strength training and found herself surrounded by several positive role models who inspired her to not only exercise but to eat healthy as well.
Lisa found herself on her way to healthy living, losing weight & getting stronger. Then she had one of those "lightbulb" moments to take her health & fitness journey to the next level by becoming certified as a spin instructor and has been teaching regularly for the past 3 years. As of this year, Lisa became a level 2 spin instructor with hope to become a master level 3 instructor by 2017. Last year, Lisa tried TRX for the first time and knew immediately that she wanted to become a TRX instructor and completed the TRX Group Training Course. This year Lisa completed the TRX Suspension Training Course and is very excited in learning as much as she can about TRX. Lisa has also completed the ACE Personal Trainer Course through OSU to help her be a better instructor. Her biggest accomplishment to date has been raising her 3 kids with her husband with the knowledge that she is a positive role model for her family since deciding to be proactive about her health & fitness journey. Lisa also has a BA in Psychology from the University of Toledo which has come in handy as a stay-at-home mom.:)


Suzanne Schwarz

Suzanne became a certified Spinning Instructor in July, 2016. Her Spinning career began in 2009 when she tried a spin class with her husband (who had the edge on her since he played D-1 College Hockey). She experienced the perfect combo of high intensity & low impact that she craved, and was instantly addicted! As a former runner, Suzanne found spinning to be a safe, effective alternative for cardiovascular fitness (and bonus—you don’t have to buy new shoes every 300 miles!). She decided to take her love for spinning to the next level by becoming certified through Mad Dogg Athletics. She is so excited to share her passion for spinning with PAI members.
When not teaching, or taking classes at PAI, you can find Suzanne running around with her husband and 2 young children. Suzanne is originally from Atlanta, and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor’s in Marketing in 2002.

Diana Camella

Diana Camella is a certified ACE Personal Trainer and also has certifications in Spinning, Core and TRX. She has been attending group fitness classes for as long as she can remember, and enjoyed them so much she decided to get her spinning cert first and started teaching in 2010. She has always been involved with some type of exercise her whole life, and thoroughly enjoys inspiring other’s to include it in theirs. Diana loves an intense workout, but enjoys having fun in her classes as well. She will do her best to get a smile out of you one way or another.
Diana retired from The Ohio State University almost two years ago as a full time Fiscal/HR Officer . She doesn’t miss the daily office grind, but does enjoy her season tickets to the OSU Football games.
When Diana is not on a walk or in the gym training or teaching, you can find her at home with her husband Gary of 27 years. She’s also the proud parent of two wonderful children; son Garet and daughter Perri who both reside in the Columbus area.
Remember to bring your mat for this spin class! An intense 45 minute cardio on the bikes (easily modified for all levels) will have you ready to lay on the mat and switch gears. The remaining 15 minutes of class will focus on strengthening and toning the core, specifically abdominals, obliques, and lower back muscles.

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