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TRX/Kettlebell combo

This class is taught by:

Kristen Jones

Kristen Jones is a certified TRX instructor in Level 1 TRX Suspension Training and Level 2 TRX Sports Medicine, and has been teaching at PAI since 2010. Kristen graduated from Indiana University with her Bachelors degree in Psychology and the necessary pre-requisites for Physical Therapy. Growing up, she participated in and coached competitive cheerleading and gymnastics. As a patient of physical therapy from numerous injuries, Kristen became enthusiastic and passionate about being a part of the fitness and rehabilitation communities. She is fun, athletic, energetic, always smiling, and knows how to help her clients reach their full potential. In her spare time, Kristen enjoys hiking, mountain biking, Crossfit, hot yoga, Starbucks green tea, eating healthy, and spending time with friends and family. Kristen is always up for new adventures, pushing herself and others to new limits while striving to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. She strongly believes that everyone has the power to achieve greatness, and she is dedicated to helping them get there

Emily Olsen

Emily Olsen has been a certified Group fitness instructor and personal trainer for over 13 years. She teaches every class under the sun, from Boot Camp to yoga. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and tries to make each class she teaches fun yet challenging for all levels of fitness participants.
When you attend one of Emily's classes, you will find you are always given modifications to progress the exercises up or down to fit your needs. In her spare time Emily fosters homeless dogs. She sews and sells pet collars and donates the proceeds to local animal rescues.

Kate Ball

Kate Ball is a certified Personal Trainer and holds multiple certifications in SPIN, TRX and has an expansive knowledge within the healthcare and fitness fields. In addition to her professional work in the fitness industry, she is also a competitive figure athlete.
Kate has always been extremely passionate about helping others succeed in many facets of life, and has a direct focus on improving clients overall health and fitness, which overflows into a teaching style that is not only dynamic and engaging, but based on results !
Kate plays music that really gets you energized and working hard! One of her favorite things about teaching/training is seeing people achieving their goals and taking their fitness to the next level! When not teaching, Kate can often be found training, doing nutritional counseling, and participating in PAI's Yoga classes ! 
Bring your water, your towel and your smile, and let's get this done !

Quincy Williams

Quincy Williams a former athlete, National Physique Competitor (NPC), certified personal trainer (ACE & NASM) and certified TRX instructor. With over 10 years in the fitness industry Quincy has trained and helped a large demographic ranging from young athletes, to senior citizens reach their health and fitness goals.
It was in late 2008 when Quincy was first introduced to TRX. He was able to correct a few imbalances he had as a result of sport specific movement patterns and barbell/dumbbell training and has been a believer ever since. Quincy now applies this modality to all of his clients and believes once your mind is in unison with the body, that's when true functional fitness is the most affective. He's also helped groom and coach other TRX inthusiast and loves teaching large groups about the diversity of TRX. Whether your goal is strength, weight loss, balance, power, coordination, or just a good old fashion butt kicking workout, Quincy delivers just that evoking fun, energy, and passion during each class.

Ulrike Rosser

Ulrike is a certified TRX instructor who began her TRX experience at PAI. As a bonafide “exercise nut,” she has had experience participating in many forms of fitness, from pilates, running, softball, yoga, and more. As part of her graduate studies in theatre, she became fascinated with movement, and assisted in teaching yoga classes designed for performers. She continues to be fascinated with all forms of movement, and enjoys watching TRX stdents learn to use their bodies (and mind) in new and challenging ways.
In her spare time, she is mom of a ballerina, a dedicated OCR enthusiast, and practices yoga, hiking, mountain biking, and crossfit for as many hours of the day as she can.
TRX Suspension Training makes body weight training more adaptable and allows more movement options due to the simple and brilliant design of the TRX. You will practice using your body as one unit, rather than isolating muscles, which is great for engaging your midsection; abs, glutes, etc. Kettlebells are a tried and true tool for stripping fat and building strength. This class will focus primarily on building solid foundations with basic movements including squats, dead lifts, swings, and presses. We may also play with Primal Move and other body weight work similar to some fundamental Yoga asanas, as well as medicine balls and plyometric conditioning. While we enjoy various training implements, expect the class to shift gear every few exercises between heart racing aerobic work and slow strength movements where you catch your breath while learning tension techniques and other strength skills.

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