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Sara Goff

Sara Goff is a Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Soul Coach, core instructor for Wild Woman Fest, writer, and a worldwide yoga, adventure, and service retreat leader. An Ohio native, she returns to Columbus after 15 years of living and teaching in New York City, California, Costa Rica, and Colorado, as well as sharing yoga in locations such as India, Maui, and Mexico along the way!
Constantly aiming in her teaching to merge the dance between the playful and the sacred, Sara’s passion is helping her students and clients ascend to their highest radiance and create their happiest, most abundant lives!

Sara Goff instructs the following:
  • Warm Power Flow
  • Find strength, stamina and equanimity in this faster paced, physically challenging power vinyasa flow class. A powerful and dynamic class designed to challenge, awaken, and cleanse the body. This energetic flow style class guides students towards greater self-awareness and confidence. This class is designed for intermediate and experienced yogis who are looking to take their practice to the next level. Room temperature is set between 90-95 degrees.
    *Essential oils or incense could be used in all yoga classes.

  • Slow Flow
  • Build a stronger body while releasing tension and flow your way into inner peace. This mindful and slow flow class is great for those searching for a relaxing yoga experience through movement with breath awareness. This class is suitable for beginner yogis however the most experienced yoga practitioner will also be challenged, as sometimes less is more. Room temperature is set at 80 degrees.
    *Essential oils or incense could be used in all yoga classes.

  • HOT Power Yoga Flow/75
  • Get ready to sweat and be challenged by this vigorous class filled with fun, creative yoga sequences and challenging poses. This class will leave you feeling stronger, ALIVE, and cleansed. The studio will be heated to 98+ degrees. Mats tend to get wet and slippery so a small towel and yoga mat towel are recommended. Remember to hydrate well before and after this class. This class is not recommended for new students or those who have not had a regular yoga practice for less than 6 months.  Essential oils or incense could be used in all yoga classes. Room temperature is set at 98-100 degrees.

  • Midweek Yin Hour
  • Yin Yoga places focus not on the opening and flexibility of our muscles, but instead on our often-restricted and overlooked system of connective tissue, such as fascia, tendons, and ligaments, especially in the lower body, and allows with consistent practice a freedom of movement and energy flow to result. Postures are approached with cold muscles and the help of props, and are held with focused breath for 3-5 minutes before switching sides, and 'flows' of postures to heat the body are not used. With consistent Yin yoga practice, chronic pains and restrictions of movements may resolve and open, and automatic responses to daily stressors have an opportunity to be shifted and honed. This deep practice has a powerful effect on both our range of motion and our nervous system that is well worth consistent weekly practice! 
    *note: Due to the nature of connective tissue work and the hormonal changes in the body that influence connective tissue, this practice is not appropriate during pregnancy.
    *Essential oils or incense could be used in all yoga classes.

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