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Sarah Buczek

Sarah Buczek is a certified Yoga, TRX and Cycle instructor. For two years, Sarah has taught a variety of classes, catering to both new and veteran participants centralized in the Columbus area. Throughout her teaching, Sarah has also hosted workshops for those interested in inviting Inversions and Arm Balances into their fitness routines. Additionally, Sarah has managed the Mind/Body Department for The Ohio State University’s Group Fitness Program as both and Undergraduate and Graduate. Sarah received a BA from The Ohio State University in December of 2016. Her fitness training began at a young age – following in her mother’s footsteps who taught aerobics for eight years - and over the last four years Sarah has studied from notable Instructors and Master Trainers, such as Chrissy Carter and Doris Thews. Sarah is a spirited New Englander who believes fitness should not only enlighten and inspire one’s life, but it should also connect the mind with the body to achieve health, harmony and bliss.

Sarah Buczek instructs the following:
  • HOT Power Yoga Flow/75
  • Get ready to sweat and be challenged by this vigorous class filled with fun, creative yoga sequences and challenging poses. This class will leave you feeling stronger, ALIVE, and cleansed. The studio will be heated to 98+ degrees. Mats tend to get wet and slippery so a small towel and yoga mat towel are recommended. Remember to hydrate well before and after this class. This class is not recommended for new students or those who have not had a regular yoga practice for less than 6 months. Room temperature is set at 98-100 degrees.

  • Boot Camp
  • Anything goes in this indoor/outdoor boot camp class! Geared to make your workout fun, functional and sweaty, this class is designed to burn fat and tone muscle all while offering varying routines to keep your workouts interesting! Rotating between individual body-weight exercises and equipment-based workouts, this class will provide you with plenty of drills to take home, making your workouts accessible wherever you go! So, whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness junkie, this class is appropriate for all levels and is here for you to meet YOUR fitness goals!

  • TRX/Yoga
  • TRX/Yoga serves as a strong foundational class for any level of student looking to deepen their flexibility, build strength or find balance in their Yoga practice. Combining the support of the TRX strap and various Yoga poses, this class will allow participants to find bodily alignment, encourage the connection of breath with balance, pursue more challenging poses – such as inversions and arm balances - and even build strength through body-weight training. So whether you are new to Yoga or TRX, this class will be set to a progressive series of poses spending 30 minutes on the TRX frame and 30 minutes on the mat, allowing every participant an opportunity to learn!

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is known for boosting your metabolism while burning tons of calories in a short period of time. You don’t need to spend hours training to become stronger and leaner. HIIT trains your body in a 3D platform. Train in all 3 planes of motion building strength with dynamic TRX movement patterns coupled with various modalities such as resistance bands, medicine balls and kettle bells. This will leave your body taxed, resulting in long lasting fat burning while having a blast!

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