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Meet Emily Olsen!

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Emily hangs by one arm and gives us a thumbs up!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I'm from Illinois, but moved to Ohio when my husband got a job as an engineer at HONDA in 2006. We love it here and have made such great friends that we consider them to be our Ohio family. We had our first baby boy at the end of July.  He keeps us busy, grounded, and unbelievably grateful.  

I am a foster parent for dogs and cats who get pulled out of shelters to escape euthanasia.  In my free time I sew pet collars and donate proceeds to rescues in Ohio.  

2. Tell us about your fitness journey from when it started to where you are now.

I have been in the fitness industry since 2002. I started teaching group exercise and personal training when I was in college and it quickly became my passion. I changed my degree after my first year to exercise physiology and physical education.  Since then I have obtained a slew of certifications and trainings, and fitness endorsements.  

I teach yoga, dance fitness, trx, spinning core classes, silver sneakers, kickboxing, bootcamps, just to name a few.  I've done fitness programming for large corporations, health insurance companies, have worked in the school systems, and have been an instructor and trainer for a variety of clubs, gyms and studios around Columbus. I found my niche at PAI and focus the majority of my classes here. It is a studio I am so very fortunate to call "home".  

3. Where do you see your journey taking you in the next few years?

We moved to Marysville a few years ago with the hopes of bringing quality fitness and yoga programming there. I plan to open my own studio in the Spring / Summer this year in Uptown Marysville. I can only hope my facility has even half the support and energy that PAI holds here in Dublin. 

4. Out of all of the exercise methods you’ve tried in the past, what drew you to TRX as a student and instructor?

Like I stated before, I have taught tons of different fitness formats  I am always looking to stay up with the fitness trends. So when I heard of TRX I signed up for the certification right away.  Honestly I originally thought it was just another fitness fad that would come and go. After taking the certification workshop, I realized this was a format that was here to stay. The following day, I was sore in places I have never ever been so sore before in my life! That's when I was hooked.  

5. What kind of results should someone expect to see with a TRX workout?

TRX is a great fitness tool.  The straps will tone the body and develop muscular strength and endurance.  
In turn, the more muscle mass we have the more efficient our metabolism. Meaning, caloric intake will go to fueling your muscles instead of stored as fat.

It is also common for many instructors to throw in quick cardio vascular bursts within a TRX workout therefore circuiting the heart rate up and down in waves making for a more efficient work out with higher caloric burn.  

6. How often should someone do TRX to see results?

2 to 3 times a week is ideal to see results from TRX class.  
7. What is your favorite pose/move?

I love full body "saws" with your feet in the straps while in a plank. They target the entire core like nothing else.  

8. What brought you to PAI Yoga & Fitness and why do you chose to teach at PAI?

PAI had just lost a TRX instructor who taught a good chunk of the classes on the schedule and they were in need of someone to help fill in the gaps.  I saw the request for instructors on a mutual friend's Facebook page and decided to give it a shot.  I'm so glad I did! PAI has become my fitness home. I feel more warmth and energy in this studio than anywhere else I have taught before.  

9. What is your favorite quote?

 "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."  -Wayne Dyer

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Getting two thumbs up from Emily!


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