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Booking Window
Schedules are updated quarterly and classes can be booked from 2 months in advance until 15 minutes before the start of class. After that, either check online to determine availability or call us at the studio. In most cases, walk-ins can be accommodated!

Cancellation Policy
If you want to “early” cancel a booking, you can do so up to 3 hours before the start of the class by logging into your account, Should you “late” cancel or no show, one class will be taken from your class-pass series or the drop-in fee will still apply.

Age Restriction
While we promote fitness to people of all ages, our insurance policy prevents us from allowing anyone under 16 to participate in our yoga or fitness classes.  Sorry about this!

If a class is full, you can join the waitlist.  As spots become available they will be automatically allocated to the waitlist on a first come, first served basis.  If you are allocated a spot through the waitlist, you will be notified by email. Should you then want to cancel, log into your account or call the studio.  Do so at least three hours prior to the start of the class otherwise the normal cancellation policy will be in effect.

Frequently, 2-3 spots become available at the last minute due to no-shows. It is recommended you standby by arriving at least 10 minutes prior to the class. Standbys will get in on a first come, first served basis. 


Upon arrival, check in at the front desk by initialing your name on the sign-up sheet. For those not pre-registered, check in at the front desk with the staff.  Either way, we ask that you arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class. If this is your first PAI visit, please arrive 10-15 minutes early so we can show you around! 


Drink water before, during, and after your class.  For yoga, limit the amount of water during class.  Staying hydrated is essential to staying healthy.

Bring a water bottle and hand towel!  Also…
•  Yoga:  Yoga mat (or borrow one of ours)
•  Spin:  Biking shoes (or running shoes)
•  TRX:  workout shoes and yoga mat (or borrow one of ours)
•  Barre: For your hygiene and safety, bring non-slip socks or grippy socks. These can also be purchased at the studio.

Wear comfortable clothes designed for exercise.  During the cooler days, be sure to have proper outer wear as you will likely be sweaty when leaving the studio!

Share any injuries or limitations that will affect your yoga practice or fitness routine with your instructor before class.  If concerned, be sure to get a physician’s approval beforehand


Yoga Mats
Yoga mats are essential for all yoga and TRX classes.  We have Jade mats for purchase or you are welcome to borrow a lululemon mat at no charge on a first come, first served basis.

Drinking plenty of water is essential.  To reduce plastic bottle refuse, we encourage you to bring your own refillable bottle. The Dublin fitness studio has a water fountain and the Gahanna location has two refilling station.  At either location, you can purchase water if necessary.

Changing Facilities
We have space to change into fitness clothes and cubbies to store personal effects. It is a friendly and welcoming environment so we see no need to have lockers yet we discourage you from leaving any valuables in the cubbies.

Our Gahanna location has brand new shower facilities for both men and women.


All classes
If you must bring your phone in class, please turn it on silent and do not use it once class has started unless of an emergency.
If you are signed up for a class but cannot make it, please cancel your registration so someone else can have your spot!
If you arrive late to class, please be respectful of the others who have started their practice or class. In some occasions, you may not be allowed to participate in a class.
For safety of others, please bring separate shoes for fitness classes to avoid dirt and salt.


•  Leave shoes in the reception area.  During yoga class, members put their hands and sometimes their face on the floor.  Let’s keep it clean.
•  We prefer not to have any cell phones in the yoga studio.  It distracts others and takes away from the experience.  Remaining out of touch from the outside world for 60-75 minutes will allow you to step more fully into your practice and experience the benefits of yoga.  However, it you must have your cell phone with you, please be sure it is on silent.
•  Arrive a few minutes early so as to not be rushed and to show respect for others.  Lay out your mat and get any props you may need.  Relax.
•  Arrive late?  You are always welcome as we understand that ‘life’ happens.  Enter as quietly as you can, find a spot, unravel your mat, take a few deep breadths and enjoy.
•  Love our hands.  PAI instructors offer “hands on” adjustments to help you find freedom in your poses and deepen your practice.  If you are not comfortable, have any limitations or injuries, let your instructor know before class.
•  Speak in a hushed tone while in the yoga studio.
•  After class, be sure to wipe down your mats with gym wipes or spray and paper towels available at both locations.

For your safety, we ask that you bring a different pair of workout shoes/ sneakers for your TRX and Spinning classes to avoid any injuries due to ice, salt and dirt on the fitness floor. For barre classes, be sure you have a pair of non-slip socks (which can be purchased at either studio)
•  Please arrive a few minutes early so as to not be rushed and interrupt the class.  This will allow you to set up your spin bike, adjust your TRX straps or get props for barre classes.
•  Arrive Late?  We understand this periodically happens.  Please check with the front desk staff to insure there is still room in the class, then find a spot and have a great workout!
•  Cell phones in the fitness studios are discouraged.  Disconnecting from the outside world for an hour is healthy.  But if you need it nearby, please be sure it is on silent mode.
•  After class, be sure to wipe down the bikes and mats with gym wipes available at both studios.  Let’s keep equipment clean for everyone.

Arrive to your first class 10-15 minutes beforehand to meet the instructor and, if necessary, discuss and past or present injuries. We offer a host of modifications and want to make sure that you have a great barre experience! When you arrive to class, your instructor will help you set up with your mat, ball, and light weights.  
•  Arrive late?  If within 10 minutes from the start of the class, check at the front desk to insure there is still room.  So as to not disrupt a class, students are not permitted to enter 10 minutes after the class starts.  
•  If you cannot attend, please cancel online as soon as possible, preferably several hours beforehand.  There are eager barre clients on the waiting list!
•  Bring a bottle of water to class.  Also wear grippy socks so that your feet do not slide during class.  These can be purchased at the studio.  Also, if you tend to sweat, bring a small towel.
•  Keep an open mind!  Barre classes always provide a challenging and humbling experience for clients of all fitness levels.  Do the best that you can!
•  Embrace the shake!  Your muscles will shake during exercises as you work them until exhaustion.  If your muscles are shaking, that is a great thing!  
•  Try to minimize talking during the class.  The instructor will provide verbal cues and hands-on adjustments to help you experience maximum results.  Listening closely ensures that you get the most out of your class!

At the Gahanna location, feel free to take a shower after class but please limit it to 5 minutes so others can take advantage of the facilities as well.

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