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“PAI” is the Thai word for ‘go’ as in ‘go’ and do what is best for you,

you mind, your body and your spirit.


PAI is also an actual place in Thailand; a small town in northern Thailand’s Mae Hong Son Province surrounded by flowing rivers and beautiful forest-covered mountains. PAI may mean ‘go’ but people who visit PAI want to stay. This is the spirit of PAI; a beautiful place where people don’t want to leave.



our philosophy

At PAI we want to be a part of your life’s journey. It is our goal to provide an atmosphere of refuge, relaxation and wellness for all those who enter our sanctuary; a place where serenity and functionality meet as one. Our studio offers a non-competitive, supportive environment to help you discover your body’s full potential.


PAI history

ChanMy interest in fitness began at a young age as a competitive swimmer in Thailand and continued as I moved to the U.S. in 2001. After completion of an MBA program at Case Western Reserve University two years later, I joined an import company in Cleveland where I helped develop and nurture manufacturing relationships throughout Asia. Despite demanding work hours and extensive travels, I was committed to staying active and living a healthy lifestyle. My life was vibrant for a late 20’s woman; educated, well-traveled, active, and healthy with a steady workplace, great boss and good coworkers. However, I had a sense that something important was missing. I didn’t know what it was.

During a month-long visit home in late 2007, I decided to take a retreat up north to the quaint, riverside town of PAI, located in Thailand’s most mountainous province, Mae Hong Son. PAI has long been isolated from the outside world and remains accessible only via a long, windy, narrow road that takes most of a day to travel; an adventurous drive that makes the town that much more alluring. It was there, in PAI, where I learned to appreciate the simplicity of community and people. Everyone I met seemed so happy. It is as if everything they had was "enough". I wondered, is “being happy” that simple?

In April 2009, I took my first yoga class with Tammy Lyons at Inner Bliss yoga studio in Cleveland. I felt so magically alive and was hooked. Being competitive and determined to deepen my own practice, I registered for the Inner Bliss Yoga Teacher Training Program with Mitchel Bleier. Though I started yoga as an alternative fitness routine and as a type of physical therapy, I soon realized that those were not the only reasons that kept me returning to my mat. The more I practiced, the more I felt a new sense of being; of completeness. After several months of training, I started to see the purpose for all bits and pieces presented in the past couple of years.

It is my life’s purpose to serve others by providing a space where they feel love, kindness and respect. It is this place where they can receive guidance for improving their health along with connecting the mind and body. It is this place where they leave feeling better about themselves. In turn, they treat others in a more loving, kind and respectful manner. It is this place where they become a better spouse, parent, child, teacher, student, boss, employee, coworker and friend.

I was called. I listened. And I took the leap of faith to start PAI Yoga & Fitness.

On July 17, 2010, our first location opened in a humbled space of what is now PAI Dublin Fitness Studio. Gaining popularity throughout the community, we made our first expansion by moving the yoga studio to its own space in February 2012. The Gahanna / New Albany yoga and fitness center location which opened in 2015.

Seeing the physical and mental growth of so many aspiring yoga and fitness lovers at PAI has further deepened my commitment to serving the community. I feel purposeful and honored to serve this way.

I earned my 200-hour yoga training certification with Tammy Lyons and Mitchell Belier at Inner Bliss yoga studio and furthered my studies by earning my 300-hour yoga training certification with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons in Bali, Indonesia in summer of 2015.  But my learning with continue and I am passionate about sharing what I learn with others.


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